Sample Number Sense Base 10 institute

Sample Number Sense Base 10 Institute



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


Module 1:

Module 3:

Module 5:

Module 7:

Module 9:


Linking counting to cardinality

Addition and subtraction


- Generalizations

Multi-digit addition and subtraction


- Generalizations

Multiplication and division

- Structures

- Generalizations

Preparing for instruction

08:00 – 12:00


Intro:   task force

Intro:  CCSS

Lit:  Five Creatures

Act:  Counting petals

Intro:  Subitizing – dot cards

Lit: Ten Black Dots


Act:  Games

Four Strikes and You’re Out


Add/sub within 10

Decomposing &

  composing numbers

Resrch:  Problem


Problem contexts

Language of



POD: Calculator

Intro:  How to choose

    a literature book

Lit:  100 Hungry Ants

Intro: CCSS Domain

Act:  What is place value?

- Pico Fermi Bagel

- Addition game


Act: Riddle Me This

Base ten system


Alternate number


Mental math

Lit:  ??


POD:  Sammy Snake

Resrch:  Additive to

  multiplicative thinking

Multiplication Models:  equal groups, area, multiplicative comparison

Act:  Mental Math

Resrch: Multiplication

     Student Strategies

Division Models  – partitive and quotative



Act:  Through the lens of math practices

- consider: observations, interviews, and work samples


Develop text lesson for operations with base ten considering opportunities for mathematical practices.








Module 2:

Module 4:

Module 6:

Module 8:

Module 10:


Organizing for base ten



- Structures

Connecting strategies to algorithm


- Structures

- Generalizations

Multi-cultural computation strategies and algorithms

- Structures

- Generalizations

Connecting strategies to algorithm


- Structures

- Generalizations

CCSS Assessments

Reflecting on institute

12:45 – 03:00

Organizers: (five &

  ten frame, Rekenrek,

  100 Chart)

Intro: Mental math

Lit:  Quack & Count

Intro: Number Talks


Intro:  Math Practices


Models and

   language of


Rsrch:  Add/ subtract multi-

   digit strategies

Mental math

Resrch:  Three Pillars

Unpacking word problems …. (Phil and Alan)


Waterfall problem??


Act: Subtraction Magic

Resrch:  Keith Devlin What is multiplication anyway?

Act:  POD

Division as opportunity to study place value

Algorithms in base ten


Lit:  First Grade Takes a Test

POD: Got your number

SMARTER Balanced

MARS: Carol’s Numbers

Second Grade gets ready for MARS

Reflective writing