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Resource TitleResource DescriptionResource CategoryApplicable Grade Level(s)
Resource TitleResource DescriptionResource CategoryApplicable Grade Level(s)
F-LE.1; F-LE.5 Viral Marketing CCSS Modeling Handbook Module, COMAP 9-12 
N-Q.1,2,3; F-LE.1 Model Solar System  CCSS Modeling Handbook Module, COMAP 9-12 
F-IF6; A-CED.3 Meteorology CCSS Modeling Handbook Module, COMAP 9-12 
G-MC.3; A-CED.1 Treasure Beneath the Sea CCSS Modeling Handbook Module, COMAP 9-12 
N-Q.1; N-Q.2; A-CED.4 For the Birds CCSS Modeling Handbook Module 9-12 
Four Modeling Problems Problems 9-12 
Modeling Projects for Students Over 100 Project Suggestions 9-12 
Modeling Definition  Modeling Definition from the Freudenthal Institute 9-12 
[External Site] "Selecting and Creating Mathematical Tasks: From Research To Practice" by Smith, Margaret Schwan and Stein, Mary Kay Abstract: Focuses on the selection and creation of mathematical tasks, drawing on QUASAR's research on mathematical tasks and experiences with teachers and teacher educators. Presents examples of task analysis and issues that teachers should reflect on. K-12 
Modeling Definition Modeling Definition by CCSSM 9-12 
Sample High School Institute One week Institute 9-12 
[External Site] YouTube Video of Dan Meyer's TEDX Talk given by Dan Meyer at TED on March 6, 2010 where he blends real-life modeling with tips on how to take a textbook problem and create a problem more suitable for modeling. 9-12 
Modeling Definition Modeling Definition from "Making it Happen", NCTM 9-12 
Power Point on Classroom Discourse Classroom Discourse Power Point 9-12 
Modeling Definition Modeling Definition by CMP CaCCSS-M Task Force 9-12 
[External Site] "Mathematical Tasks as a Framework for Reflection: From Research To Practice" by Stein, Mary Kay and Smith, Margaret Schwan Abstract: A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. Describes the Quantitative Understanding: Amplifying Student Achievement and Reasoning (QUASAR) national reform project aimed at studying and fostering the development and implementation of enhanced mathematics instructional programs. It is a framework for reflection based on mathematical tasks used during classroom instruction and the ways in which it has been used by teachers. Analyzes the application of this framework on teachers. K-12 
References References 9-12 
CaCCSS Areas Where Modeling is Encouraged Starred Standards 9-12 
Modeling Definition Modeling Definition by G. Polya 9-12 
[External Site] "A history of the teaching of modelling" by Pollak, H. Pollak, H. (2003). A history of the teaching of modelling. In G. Stanic & J. Kilpatrick (Eds.), A History of School Mathematics, (pp. 647–671). Reston: NCTM.  9-12 
Modeling Careers Careers That Use Mathematical Modeling 9-12 
Modeling Definition Modeling Definition by Henry Pollak 9-12 
[External Site] "It Ain't Just for Kids" by West, Lucy PowerPoint by Lucy West at Asilomar 2010 focused on discourse in the classroom, with some examples about mathematics. 9-12 
Sam Arteste Unit Complete Modeling Unit 9-12 
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